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Ou business group travel solutions support travel organizers plan stress-free programs while making a positive difference. Our global network, industry tools including our travel expertise allow organizations save time and money.


Our integrated sustainable initiatives set our solutions apart apart from others. As a result our tailored solutions support corporations while tracking social and environmental impact.

Our corporate travel solutions impact triple bottom lines, create a seamless experience for all travelers and positively impacts the world.

Contract negotiation

Venue Search

Event Budgeting

Event planning and Execution

Content Marketing

Onsite Management


Instead of your team member spending hours researching and coordinating meetings or events, we’ll take this process off their hands. Our Strategic Impact Meeting Sourcing (SIMS) program helps simplify and shorten the procurement process.  Through our travel consultation, we identify and gather essential information required for the contracting process and generate all RFP details. We’ll provide you with a comparison and help your team make the right decision. Plus, we’ll help integrate solutions and initiatives that transform your business events into a force for good!


Doing good = positive return

Travel continues to be an integral part of a business. We understand – Our services can support your business travel needs and help you reach your Corporate Social Responsibility goals, which research shows can add value to your business. 

Value of doing good includes:

  • Stronger community involvement

  • Engaged attendees

  • Authentic communication

  • Talent recruitment

Delivering Sustainable and Responsible Meetings Management 

Traveling with Myght gives you the ability to engage team members, clients, and partners in a truly inspiring and impactful way. It’s where bottom-line results meet social and environmental impact.


From idea to execution to reconciliation, we strategically support our clients in curating sustainable meeting and events.


Our full-service sustainable management allows for maximum impact for event attendees while meeting our client’s financial goals.

We don’t just manage your group’s travel – we help create memorable experiences for team members and guests that positively impact the world. From reducing carbon emissions to redirecting food waste or contributing to a community initiative, we will customize a corporate package to create the positive impact you want.

Location is everything

Our founder has spent nearly a decade managing groups for corporations, associations, start-ups, pharmaceuticals, legal, and non-profits both on the hotel side and  our company.

We were founded in the worlds number one business travel market leverage our expertise and experience.

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